Test Publishers

Getfeedback is proud to be to have integrated best of breed psychometric tests from the following partners:

CEB Solutions Partner Getfeedback have fully integrated with SHL assessment platform enabling us to bring you a full range of SHL products alongside our own. These assessments include OPQ32, Verify and are available in multiple languages

Hogan Assessment Systems Hogan Personality Inventories are contemporary world-class assessments available in a multitude languages. The instruments provide essential insights into reputation at work and assess an individual's motivation drivers (that generate satisfaction and likely engagement) and their cultural fit to an organisation and to the working climate they will operate in. Getfeedback has fully integrated with the HAS testing platform allowing these Inventories to be delivered 24/7 - 365 days a year

Talent Q Getfeedback provides Talent Q’s leading edge psychometric testing. We offer the Elements Verbal, Numerical and Logical Reasoning testsas well as the Dimensions personality profiling tool. Elements is a range of 'adaptive' tests which adapt to how the candidate responds, giving harder questions as they answer correctly and easier questions should they provide the wrong answer. This makes for a very quick assessment - only 15 minutes long.